Welcome Message

Welcome Message

The IXth  Romtransplant Congress takes further a tradition started in 1998 and continued every two years, without stop, until this moment. As each time, the Congress brings to the participants the latest updates in liver, renal, heart, medular, tissue transplantation etc. 

The major progress made by the Romanian transplantation in the past two years is primarily connected to the significant increase in number of doners in brain death. This has allowed the further development of the renal transplantation, with a change of the balance between the number of living donors (which was prevalent in other cases) and those in brain death. In the case of liver transplantation, the increase was even more spectacular, with 122 liver transplants made in 2013, a number that places the program at Fundeni Institute among the most important in Europe. Such an increase has determined in 2014 the opening of the second program of liver transplantation at St. Maria Hospital. This year, both programs have registered a number which maintains the increase from the previous year (44 transplants in total).

Heart transplantation tries to fill the gap created due to a relativelly long period of innactivity of the Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases in Târgu-Mureș. We hope that this important type of transplantation will return as soon as possible to the previous levels and even to surpass them.
Tissue transplantation (cornea, bone, skin), as well as medular transplantation have also registered important progresses, regarding the number of procedures used for each of these types of transplantation.
It is, of course, the great merit of the National Transplant Agency which, with a perseverence I would call “out of the ordinary”, has made this progress regarding the number of cadaver donors.

The most important Romanian specialists in all these types of transplantation will be present at the Congress. This way, the participants will be updated, firstly regarding the current situation of the main types of transplantation in Romania, but also with the latest updates in the field.

As usual, the value of the Congress will be enforced by the presence of the foreign guests, who will present their own experience and with whom we will make a useful exchange of scientific information. The scientific program, organized on the duration of 4 days, is a rich and attractive one, alligned to the highest standards.

Bucharest at the end of September is a welcoming city, which, once liberated by the heat of the summer, seems to wish to present to its guest all that it has best: The Village Museum, The Romanian Peasant Museum, the Palace of the Parliament are only some of the touristic objectives that can be visited.

The ambiance of World Trade Center Bucharest is always pleasant and offers the best setting for the presentations of this reunion.

We look forward to welcoming you at the Congress!

Irinel Popescu, MD, FACS, FEBS
Romtransplant President

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